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HELP: I have been given a juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon and am having difficulties identifying its sex. Really want a Male!

I'm assuming it is 3 to 4 months old as it is roughly 4 inches from snout to vent.
I can see defined lateral bands. Right now its color varies from brown to pale blue with orange/tan bands. I'm having difficulties identifying what may or may not be a hemipenal bulge as i have nothing to compare it to.
If you could post a pic from the side giving us a good view of the vent area then it would go along way in helping us help you.
From what your saying though, without any pics, my uneducated opinion would guess male. But again, I'd love to see pics if possible.
FrankieV804 said:
I'm assuming it is 3 to 4 months old as it is roughly 4 inches from snout to vent.

I have a 3.5 month old that is less than 3" s/v. They grow much slower than veileds. If male, there will be a bulge at the base of the tail. If yours is that large you should be able to see it clearly. The males also tend to be more "gray" and the females "pink" at certain resting stages. Here is an article that might help

Here are some pics. So what do you think? M or


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I am no expert...

since I only have my knew little guy and your pics aren't too big (he must have Loved you taking that first one! lol!). My GUESS would be a girl. Can you upload them to the gallery or link to where you have them so maybe we can get a better "zoom".

Here are my pics of Cyrus and we are 99.99999% sure he is a he. If you look at the one called "edge 2" you can see the bulge behind the cloaca whereas the female's tapers right away. Cyrus

also check out the link I gave you yesterday

I usually tell the sex by the color my cham can turn. Both males and females can be a brownish-pinkish color but males will display clear gray and later on almost pure whites. In the first of my pictures, my chameleon was only 3 weeks old but when he turned gray I knew for sure he was a male. Both other pictures show gray or white coloration as he got older.

While your pictures are pretty small and it makes it that much harder to tell, my guess is your chameleon is a female.


I also think your cyrus is a male, the hemipenal buldge is pretty obvious...

JonathanF said:

I also think your cyrus is a male, the hemipenal buldge is pretty obvious...

yeah, I think so, too. I had a female veiled and I am finding so many differences between the two! At first I didn't really see the bulge until I looked closer and compared him to many other pics. Luna died indirectly due to her high infertile egg production and since I do not want to breed I couldn't go thru what I did with Luans. All my herps will be guys from here on...

thx :)
I would say by those pictures it is a 50/50... I see the beginning of a bulge area, however, he is still very young and could be a female. Based on color, it is looking female. Is it possible to post a bit larger photo of the tail base?
Based on the pics you've posted, my opinion is female. The way the tail tapers after the vent is, in my opinion, way to steep to be a male. I wish I had some pics of chams in that size range for you to compare to. Unfortunately I dont. However, hopefully I'll be having a few clutches start hatching out this month, and I'll be able to get these comparrison pics taken as they grow. Unfortunately by then, you'll definately know.
On a better note.....if your looking for a male Sambava to trade her for in a couple months, PM me. Maybe we can work something out....
You are probably right Noah. Especially based on color. Sometimes when they are small it's very hard to tell... My baby Ankaramy's were very, very difficult to sex as they are a smaller locale. They fooled me a lot on their sex, which was why I held them longer than normal before selling. My Ambilobes? Sheesh, no problems at all sexing those.
I know what you mean. It can be tricky when they are really tiny.
But I think he said earlier that it was 4 in. snout to vent?? If thats the case that girl is definately large enough that she'd be showing some kind of bulge if she were a male. Just my humble opinion.
By the way, I cant wait to see those anks you've got coming from Morpheous. If I ever get into anks, it'll have to be some stock from him, as he's by far my favorite.

I might just have to take you up on that offer. however i was more interested in 2 chameleons. The first being a male ambilobe, the second a male nosy be. I'm open to discussion. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].

Thanks Noah,

Morpheus is a beauty for sure. I hit the luck of the draw with those Ankaramy and I can't wait either. Roux, the mama, is still doing well during her gravid stage and hopefully will lay some nice eggs soon. The wait just kills ya! Looking forward to the clutches I have coming up this year. So far, Diego Suarez, Nosy Be's, Ambilobe/Picasso, Ankaramy, and Ambanja.

And I am getting some new treats today that I'll post some pics of later :eek: .
Is my new baby panther male?

I bought baby panther amilobe blue-red male, two months old. I am not sure if it is a male, but I am hoping. What do you think??







Thank you
It is a male. You probably want to start a new thread for things like this rather than piggybacking on one from 2006 do people don't miss your question.
100% male. Great colors, especially for a two month old. Ditto on the new thread thing.
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