Sexing Mellers


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Hi all,

I know this has been discussed a million times but I now have 14 Meller's in my care and everyone of them has a different set of colors from being predominantly white, yellow, orange, green and any combination thereof.

Is there any definitive way to sex them?

Any conspicuous bulges I should know about?



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If there were a definitive way it wouldn't be so tricky lol Well, technically there is but you need an ultrasound machine.

I think that if gauging behavior is a no-go because they are already all together then look at their body shape from above. Fluxlizard talks about this on different threads but it's true that females always tend to be pear-shaped when seen from above, usually accompanied by prominent hips despite good body weight.

It may not be 100% but it might be a better way to guestimate what percentage of each you have.

With this I actually think all three of mine are female. Between the body shape, hips, the long typical female nails, and a couple other signs I think that they are all female.


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I have to agree with Olimpia. Everything I have read on them, suggests you need a true professional to sex them.
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