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i'm getting a month old veiled cham in 1-2 weeks, i'm aware i need to feet him very small crickets but the problem is when should i feed him? i work monday-friday 8am-4pm so i won't be home for most of the day during the week. i plan to get a mistking so he can be automatically hydrated throughout the day but as for feeding should i just put a bunch of crickets in a cup and stage it in the cage? will that be enough for the day? i appreciate any help this is a serious problem for me atm.
i would personally get timers for his lights, set them to go on at 7 am, and then right before you leave put 15 or 20 dusted crickets in his feeder cup. when you get home make sure that there arent a bunch in there cuz if they get hungry they could chew on him. you could also get some fruit flies and have some in there for him just for a lil extra munching and fun hunting.

remember to dust with calcium with no d3 every day, calcium with d3 twice a month, and a multivitamin twice a month on alternating weeks :) and gutload!! those two things are super important! :)
Yup! I would do the same. If you can get your little one used to cup feeding it will help out a lot. The small pinhead crickets can get out of the smallest openings and you may not get a true sense of how much is actually eaten. Ideally I'd want to feed 15 to 20 a day when they are that young, maybe more if they are very small crickets.
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