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I WOULD NEVER GO ABOVE 85 there is this absurd video of a kid on you tube that says use scalding water I wish I could take it down
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They like 85 ISH degrees and are attracted to this warmth.. therefore I believe it's safe to use this temp But not above this!


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ALL WATER SHOULD BE ROOM TEMPERATURE!!! Definitely not 85*F or 90*F! Not sure on the details between hot water and burns, so someone else will have to answer that question.


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I certainly understand the compact bulbs do not generate the same power of uvb as the longer tube fixtures. I looked into it, and at 12” away the 10.0 only puts off 0.5 uvb. However at 4” away it puts off the recommended 3.0. That’s roughly how far away her vine is from that bulb I would say. When she outgrows this setup I will likely switch out her equipment.
The UVB would be important to change as soon as you can order one. Here’s some graphic examples of the inadequacy of the CFL bulbs compared to a linear T5 bulbs

Check out
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