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I have 7 baby jacksons & I noticed a couple growing faster & bullying other siblings. They are in a 16 x 16 x 20 screen cage so I set up another of the same size & took the three bigger ones & moved them so now there are 4 in one & 3 in the other. I've read that up to 6 in one enclosure is OK so I was just asking anyone with experience for their feedback. I also would like to know at what age & how, to determine their sex. These jacksoniis have three horns on both sexes. When they get older the males horns are thicker but I was hoping to not wait so long. This is my first time raising newborns. They are 7 weeks old & I have attached some pics. Thanks,....Joe


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I think you did the right thing. That gives the smaller ones a chance to get the amount of food they need.

If you look at the base of their tails, the males should start to develop a hemipenal bulge. By looking at the pictures you provided, it looks like that some have larger horns than others, I would assume those to be males, but like I said looking for their bulge is the best thing to do to be 100% sure. Usually around this time, you will see them developing more.
Although all the baby Jackson's have little horns, males tend to be more promminent in comparizon to the females. they (males) also tend to grow a bit faster than the females (in my experience, but maybe that's just the blood-line i've work with). The hemipenal bulge is probably your best bet in sexing young. At this age it will not be very accurate for most people. Experienced Jackson's breeders can sex the young with better accuracy.
Thanks. I was curious about the right age to seperate. If there was a definate time line to follow. My gut feeling as their caretaker was it being the right time,but I would reverse that immediately if it were detrimental....
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