Senegal Yellow and orange colours


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Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. I’m after some advice my Senegal chameleon (pickle) shed it’s skin two days ago he was a lovely green before and now he’s gone a bright yellow/orange colour (see pic). Does anyone know if there is something wrong with him, should I be worried 😟 I’ve tried doing some research but nothing mentions about the colours he’s gone.
Please help 😊


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Afraid I haven’t a clue either. I would do a search of the forum archive as I’m sure there’s got to be some info there.


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Beautiful Cham, maybe those colors indicate receptive or gravid coloration? I have no experience with senegals. I’ve heard they are very short lived- sadly. But not sure if that’s entirely accurate.

I wish more mainland African species were available in the states. I’ve always been eager to try out some flapnecks.
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