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my senegal is not eating i put crickets in his cage and he never eats them or his worms i would appreciate a couple of suggestions

Please provide some details on your setup. For some ideas on what info to provide, [THREAD=66]check out this link[/THREAD]. Have you tried offering anything besides crickets?
Hey, I got a few senegals and I had same problems. The biggest things to remember is if you have more than 1 that they are seperated and they cannot see eachother in anymeans. Also check the lighting and make sure you got good bulb, I reccomend " reptisun 5.0+ and you should spike the metabolizm and also make sure they have peace around there cages.. Too much of anything can affect the way they eat. Make sure you got all the temp's and light cycles and water and food. Also, some chameleons like a challenge and will sometimes get bored with it and wont eat. Due to the fact he is new to you I wouldnt assume that he is suffering from this.
cage measurements

I have an all screen habitat with a depth of 12 inches and a hight of 27 inches
and a length of 24 inches(done with a ruler not exact.) I feed him occasional wax worms(treats) mealworms,crickets.

i only have one and he is a male i beleive he is only a baby the size of about my index finger. but used to eat consistantly.
the senegal

i have had him for about 3months and he used to eat very well and alot. is there anyway he has grown a addiction to one certain food that i have been feeding him.
The weather has been changing, are you sure your temps are correct? Check my reply above.

It is possible for him to prefer one food item over another. However, if he is hungry enough (and healthy) he should eat what you are feeding him.
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