Send jacksons home?

I know there are alot of jacksons chameleons plaguing the Hawaiian islands ,I'm not completely sure but from what I hear the jacksons population back in Africa isn't doing so hot. Do you think that if a population problem should arise in Africa that we could overcollect jacksons in hawii and transplant them to Africa . Solving 2 problems at once


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I would imagine the problems plaguing Jackson's chameleons in Africa is related to habitat destruction, a problem that would not be solved by adding more chameleons.

I was unaware that the Hawaiian chams were causing problems in the areas that they are established. I thought the concern was that they may spread to other islands.
Well they are just an extreme nusicanse I believe kinda like pigeons in a city to many of em and always in your way. And just like pigeons there foreign pest there not supposed to b there

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They are only in certain parts of Hawaii and at that it was not easy finding them. I was just in Hawaii for a week and was looking for them all the time. As for the nuisance part, that is a very heated debate by people in Hawaii. They are split on that issue there.
I didn't know that I had read a fairly recent report that said otherwise but if you were there I trust your word. Plus the reptile industry has been collecting the hell out of the jacksons in hawii the past few years so I can see how a population decline could be possible.


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Taking animals from one country/place to another and releasing them is not a good idea. They can carry bacteria, etc that could affect animals where you are releasing them. They can also mess up the natural balance because of what they eat. This should be left to the experts IMHO. Even to relocate animals a few miles from where they live can cause problems.

For example...when I was young we went to a cottage on a spring fed lake that was full of small mouthed bass. In the river below the lake there were pike that were prevented from going into the Lake by a a natural barrier. Somebody wanted to have pike in the lake so they could catch them and the bass so they moved some to the lake. Within a few years the bass were gone. These same people made a garbage dump of sorts in their back yard and couldn't understand why the yard was full of rattle snakes.
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