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thanks for all the info yesterday it was great do you think i should get a trash can then for her to lay her eggs into,the viv i have her in is 4 foot high what size trashcan would you suggest info very gratefull
Just like the cage,always about the height. I would suggest at least 1.5 feet - 2 feet deep (Black) Non-See Through Trash can. Fill it up with moist sand or soil at least 16 - 20 inch deep.:D. You can place some twigs for chameleon to climb in and out of the nesting site.
you can find the eggs faster with the clear container and avoid missing any eggs.but the clear container has no privacy.

i have been thinking of trying a clear container because when i dumped my 15 gallon bucket out there was a clutch of eggs rotting.

i still dont know how i missed them.every time i put a female in to lay i checked for eggs and found them .

twice splinter lay eggs in her small digging container in her cage.
she's a natural breeder,i believe i could breed her 1 time every 18 months and generate a nice healthy group of babies.
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