Seasonal light schedule for chams?


I've seen it on here a few times and have searched for the last half-hour and haven't been able to find anything. Does anybody have a link to the seasonal light schedule for Madagascar? I saw it listed out with each month and a different light schedule depending on where it would be during their season. Thanks in advance.


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You may like this even better -

Someone may challenge me on this, but unless your chams are in a basement or windowless room, it would probably be better to have them set to your locations day/night schedule. At least that's what I do, however Madagascar's daylight hours do not fluctuate much.


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Most of us set our lights to go on and off with the sun rising and setting.

Frankly, setting it to madagascars schedule wont do you any good- for the following reasons

1- you don't live there
2- your cham is captive bred, not wild, and is used to human environment
3- unless you keep it in a dark room- with no windows- they will most likely sleep and wake up to the sun anyway.


Snodgrass wakes up with his lights and settles in for sleep just before they cut off. My room is very very dark as I can't sleep well at all with any lights, needs to be DARK. So we wake up at the same time. I know it doesn't fluctuate much but I know a few people here are using it. Doesn't seem like a bad idea.
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