Sculpting custom trees and rocks?


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Have any of you sculpted your own rocks or trees to go into your Chams cage? I'm into sculpting and want to sculpt some stuff for my cage. I just want to know what types of materials are safe to use. (ex. types of clay, plaster, paint, etc.) I was thinking of sculpting my own cliffs and ledges, then cast them in plastic. Plastic would be my best bet that the material is safe. But I still need to know about what paints to use.
There are lots of sites with pics and explanations on building cage fixtures. I have mostly used expanding foam, then covered it with peat moss, etc. Some folks make a scaffold out of hardware cloth then cover it with concrete or grout. Here are a couple of links I have referred to:

I thought I had more links, but I must have cleaned them off...the Kingsnake forum has lots of people doing lots of different habitats for lots of different herps. I think the majority is snakes, but if you search you can find some interesting stuff.

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