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Does anyone have a good source for screen mesh they want to share? In particular, I would love to find some coated aluminum 8 mesh screen. I know Heika has been looking as well. If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated :)

I have been looking pretty hard for coated aluminum for the better part of 2 weeks. I know that it is out there but cannot find the source.

Their are a few companies that make pond netting use all plastic in construction. The meshes are the right dimensions 1/8" but the question of whether it will be able to support the high heat from lights (long term) is questionable. I'm kind of waiting to see how the mesh Heika used works out.

There was a lead I had for a company that make mesh to surround pools to keep kids in/out that was vinyl coated and the right size, but I cannot get them to call/write back.

The only other source that I thought about the other day but have not had time to pursue is the company that makes vinyl coated wire for rabbit fencing. The dimensions are all wrong for chams (1 1/2 inch X 1/2 inch) unless you were doing an outside cage. (This you can get at Home Depot.) They may make some or tell of a competitor that does (good luck).

If you find a place, please make sure you post the source. I'm looking for it myself and its driving me crazy.
It is like the quest for the Holy Grail. I think the solution is to get enough people who are interested in purchasing some, buying some aluminum mesh, and then having it coated by a seperate company.

I called a while back, and they told me that a company does theirs all in one shot. Because of the weight of screen material, I am going to venture a guess that whatever company is doing it for them is not too far away from where they are located. They are naturally closed lipped about who does the job for them, though. The screen they use really does differentiate their product from anyone else on the market.

Another screen that I have seen that would work very well is the black coated screen used on manufactured aquarium lids. I am guessing that the manufacturer (ESU, I think) has much better resources than we do as end users, though.

I was in contact with a company that had 1/8" Hardware cloth that was coated in Vynal or Epoxy coating. I put in an inquiry but have never heard back from them.

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