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It has been 2 days since i have had my juvenile panther chameleon. He is about five months old and already displaying color but he is very skittish. There has been 3 times where he has fed from my hand but whenever i get to close or try to hold him he runs from he. Most of the times i have held him he gets very scared.He has fallen out of my hand 3 times and fell in his cage 1 time. May i please have some advice.
Let him settle in. He's going through a lot of changes right now. Best thing to do is try not to handle him and let him get used to his cage. He will come around. Best of luck :)
I am aware of that but i am scared he may be injured i think i may take him to the vet. It scared me when he fell in his cage because i had just dropped him in my hands not long before that and twice yesterday.
what are his symptoms that you think he is injured? If it turns out he is not, just leave him alone for awhile. It can take weeks for a chameleon to settle in to their new home and you should back away from handling. Admire him from a distance. Put the food in his cage and leave him be.
he was hand feeding from me earlier and i hope he is not to scared of me to hand feed him now. at the moment he is hiding in his leaves and i think he's not injured. I just wandering if he will eventually crawl to me and be cool with me after what happened? and I'm sorry I am soooo paranoid i just got him and he already fell a couple times
They will often jump when they are very scared in an attempt to escape a predator. Unless there is something that specifically makes you think he is injured, leave him alone for 1-2 weeks. Only come in to feed him and water him. You are lucky that he was comfortable enough to had feed. That is more than some chameleons will do after months of being with a keeper. Just let him relax and get used to his new home. After 1-2 weeks, you can try again and hopefully he wont be so scared.
Having a chameleon friend is a great adventure. It has taught me a lot of patience. I have had Steve, my panther, for about five months now. He's about nine months now. I still "baby" him, lol. That trust, where he doesn't run away and hide, takes time, lots of time to develop. My little guy still sometimes hides, but is mostly pretty comfortable with me and other people. Just give him time, it's amazing how much they grow and change over time. :) Have fun!!!
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