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So i’ve recently shifted around my enclosure, I got a different tree for the middle of the cage which is now more fuller than it was before giving my chameleon the chance to be hidden and comfy. But she still has the same behavior, whenever i barely open the cage she darts away back to her spot she mostly sits at which is the pothos plant under the basking bulb. she just isn’t as active as i’d think she tends to go to her branch towards the bottom right as it turns to dark. The only ever time she’s active is when i’m not in the room.
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i think i fixed it?
Yep. Ok so it's totally normal for a cham to be scared of new things. It's great that you are making these changes in her benefit, I would try to add as many plants as you can though, it's still a bit open. But over all your enclosure looks pretty good. I would try hand feeding, offer a worm from your hand or a little cup that is in your hand. Try this for a few minutes because you dont want to overly stress her out. This will help her gain your trust

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Mine behaves pretty much the same way. The only time he gets active when I'm around is feeding time. OTOH, my Missus works a few feet away from him, but kind behind the hybrid enclosure where she can't be seen. Very often she remarks how much noise he makes banging around in there, so I know he's active. I just try to give him his space for now.
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