Santa Claus / Christmas Melon for gut loading?


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So the other day I asked my husband to purchase a watermelon at the grocery store. They didn't have any, so he went with a kind that looked the most like a watermelon; it's called a Christmas Melon, or Santa Claus Melon.

I just ran out of oranges for my crickets to eat, so before I went out to get more, I thought maybe they can get their water from the melon my husband bought.

Should I, or no?


So, I just offered him a really small piece of melon that he tried to take right away! Wouldn't stick to his tongue, so he had to pick it up, but he did! I have a lot of this melon, so I'll be offering him some every day :)
most melon offers a good amount of vitamin C, B6 and potassium.
but generally melons have more phosphorous than calcium, so I don't include them more than just occasionally to my gutloads.

an occasional fruit treat for your cham is fine, but I wouldn't offer sugary foods or foods with the wrong calcium to phosphorous ratio on a regular basis.
thank you very much:D He seems to really like it, so maybe I'll try another kind of fruit as a treat :)
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