Saline Solution


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It is fine to wash your chams eyes out with, I have used it for years. My vet told me to buy it as it is cheaper than the ones make for reptiles.


this would be ok. my vet had me rinse out eyes when i was trying to clear up a problem with saline soultion. what makes you think you need to rinse out its eyes?


He doesn't want to open one of his eyes. Its been like this for a while, so I just needed to know if this saline solution would work. He hasn't eaten in a while and I'm thinking that his eye is the reason why.
Thanks for the replies guys!

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If the saline doesnt work. Ask your vet for a tube of terramycin. Its a topical ointment that you apply to the eye. It worked wonders for a wc I recently got in.
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