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If your trying to get a chameleon, I would make sure that you get the right equipment. There are so many things necessary to a chameleon enclosure that you will still spend a decent amount of money. Figure a hundred for the cage, as long as you’re getting screen, possibly cheaper if you can find a deal on Craig’s list or somewhere else. 50 just for the lighting (heat bulb, dome, linear uvb bulb + holder thing). Plants can vary, as you will want only real plants with h veileds. It will cost a decent amount as well. And then all your sticks as branches. And of course your Cham :)

long story short, maybe if you don’t already have most of these supplies, a chameleon isn’t the best reptile to get for a low cost. But if you find good deals you’ll probably be fine
50 for the lighting? You're funny.


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James is a great guy and seller, trustworthy to buy from! Maybe buy some roaches from him at same time, cant go wrong!
I second that 🙋🏼‍♂️
I can vouch for this as well. Just setup a couple roach colonies from James yesterday that looked like they were kept well. He was also very helpful and answered my many questions that I had about them beforehand (and even one or two after i got them so far lol)
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