Sale time: Ambilobe,Ambanja,Ankaramy,Sambava,Tamatave and Ambanja/Masoala

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Ambilobe male, 15 months, sire is Ballor from Chameleons 101, $350 plus shipping

Ambanja male, 2 years old, sire is Nighthawk from forum sponsor Chuck G aka Heroic Chameleons, $400 plus shipping

**I also have 2 female ambanjas that are coming up on 8 months old , they are from The Jungle Panther and their sire is Iwo, $225 each plus shipping**

Ankaramy male, LTC, 1.5 years old, very rare locale, I'd really like him to go with someone that has Ankaramy females $450 plus shipping

Sambava male, CB, 1.5 years old, from Kammer's retired breeder "Montezuma" a really unique male that resembles his sire $500 plus shipping, I also have an unrelated Sambava female (CB 8 months old) that I can sell with him for $200

Tamatave male, 15 months old , not sure of sire's name but I've included picture of him, $500 plus shipping, I also have his sister available for $350 plus shipping - virgin, never bred!

The 15 month old boy for sale:


And last...............
Ambanja/Masoala cross, 2 years old, huge, friendly and beautiful $200 plus shipping

Please don't hesitate to PM me or email me at if you have any questions.
Thank you for taking time to view these guys!
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