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I'm building a drainage system out of wood and I have this adhesive called PL construction adhesive. Will that be safe once it dries ect? Won't most things like that be safe once dry? Any help is greatly appreciated.
For all my dart frog vivaria, pygmy chameleon vivaria, or any wet components, I either use silicon or Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue is made of the same compound as Great Stuff, but it isn't pressurized, so it doesn't expand much. It will expand slightly though. The main advantage of Gorilla Glue is that it adheres to most surfaces and it actually cures better if the surfaces are damp when it is applied. Once it cures, it's water proof. Any adhesives you use should be allowed to cure in a well ventilated area until you can't smell the curing agent. Silicon glue will smell like vinegar and other glues will smell like solvents. I'm not familiar with PL Construction Adhesive, but I assume it will work for the application. Check the ingredients. If it has petroleum distillates or other solvents, just make sure is cures completely before using it in an exclosed space housing your chameleons. Even after it cures, it might offgas for weeks afterward, so make sure the room is well ventilated.
Yes, unless it has harsh ingredients. I'd avoid anything with formaldehyde because that takes a long time to fully offgas since it is not a volatile as solvent compounds.

thank you. So I should be good as long as I let it cure? That was my main concern thr health of my cham.
i'm building a wooden drainage system and i don't want to use any harmful adhesives.
what can be used? is carpenters glue ok?
I have used Gorilla Glue on a few things and my cham has shown no signs of adverse side effects.
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