Safe gnat control?!?!


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Hey all,
So today I found a couple of gnats in both of my panther's cage. I researched on this forum and found some remedies, you could call it. I just wanted to ask you guys who have had problems regarding gnats, the most effective and safest solution? I know there are a couple but what has worked best for you?

Gnatrol truly safe? or those beneficial neotades better? or just plain ol sand?
i dont know if you could do it for a panther but in my pyg setups i plant a carnivorous pitcher plant which secretes nectar to attract fruit flies and knats then it eats them :D not so safe for neonates but ok for adults
If you address where the gnats are coming from then you won't need to use anything to kill them. If you have substrate in your cage you should consider getting rid of it because it is a risk for impaction as well as bacterial and mold growth. Unless it's a pygmy cage, substrate is not recommended because of the problems associated with it. If you have gnats that means it's not stayng dry so it is probably a favorable environment for mold/bacteria as well. Most of us don't have anything in the bottom of the cage - it's safe and makes it easier to clean.

If you don't have substrate then maybe a potted plant is the source. If that's the case just take it out and repot it in fresh soil mixed with sand so it gets better drainage.

Better to address the actual problem (a moist environment favorable to gnats) than just trying to kill the gnats. You'll never win if they are still continuing to hatch.
Let the soil dry out every month or so, and you will have no more gnats
that is the easiest, safest, fastest method

beneficial nems are effective
covering the soil with a layer of rocks (more effective than sand) at least an inch deep is somewhat effective
landscape cloth under a layer of rocks is very effective unless the plant has many stems
Hey guys! I do not use substrate @ all, I know better :);) . I think there are coming from both of my ficus trees. My enclosure gets watered a lot.

I mist for 3-5 mins every morning before I start my day.

A dripper runs for about 2 hours before I leave my house in the morning.

Mistking is set for 1 min 30 sec @ 10"30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm.

THen when I get home, I mist for about 5 minutes. I am paranoid that they don't drink because there have been issues w/ their urates being tinted w/ orange. And plus my humidity is good this way. I do have a drainage system but my enclosure floor stays a little wet from the left over water.

I am concerned that my enclosures are too wet. Maybe I can cut down on the mistking sessions a bit?
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