Rose Chafer Larvae question...


So I bought Yuki (my Veiled) some Rose Chafer Larvae today. I like spicing things up, and she loves her phoenix worms (she rips them out of my hand before I can even position my hand properly) and I thought some nice juicy rose chafer larvae would be nice for the mix!

There's 10 of them in the container I bought, and after a bit of reading have seen mentioned that they are high in calcium, but also high in fat. I was planning on feeding her all 10 this week, would this be too many at once? I don't want to feed her too many at once if the fat content is so high that it wouldn't be ideal for her :)

Thanks in advance! :D


Now I'm a bit confused. The package states "Rosenkäfer" which directly translates to "Rose Beetle" and under that is the latin name: "Pachnoda Marginata" which are known by 2 names - Rose beetles and Sun beetles. These are the ones I mean I think: clicky
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