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Hi i live in puerto rico so is very dificult for me to give diferent types of food to my cham. I can get crickets/mealworms/ wax worms and supers. for the last 2 weeks i been trying to get roaches but seems like no one ship here? do anyone knows someone that ship to puerto rico? i am trying to get discoids or dubias.
I beleive there are some roaches that are native to puerto rico. As long as you catch them in the jungle they should be fine.
Oh man, I be visiting my family out there and I hate it. I think there are plenty of roaches out there especially the flying type lol. As long as they come from a pesticide free place or from the little patchs of woods around there they will be fine. May I ask where your located in puerto rico?
yeah we have like one kind of roach but it flys and climb. also were i live is not very common no see a roach. I live in carolina 5 minutes form the airport. and may I ask why you hate comming to PR?
Because when I go visit my family in various areas, ponce, carolia, trujillo alto, and etc., there is always some king of roach around walking in the back or sometimes sneak into the bathroom and scare the crap out of you lol. Trust me if you want some roaches give the little kids a quarter for each roach they get you, they would think of it as a game and start bringing you some.
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