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i always have trouble getting my hissers to move around...they always seem to pile up in a corner of the feeding dish. is this just a hisser thing??? do dubias move around more than these guys??? perhaps a round feeding dish with no corners for them to pile up in??? any suggestions or solutions are appreciated. thanks all!


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They are perhaps trying to get away from the light :)
I usually only put one roach in a feeding cup at a time, and it doesnt last long enough to find shelter :)

Hissers are not the fastest of the roaches by any means.


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I like that they move around fairly slowly. Means they have little to no chance to escape since Roaches only last a few seconds max when offered to my chams. Dubia are faster than hissers. The Turkistan roaches i have zip around so fast I will only cup feed them -and they do a hundred laps around the cup in those precious seconds before they get eaten - Turks are naturally on crack or speed or something!
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