Roach Mix


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Check out this nutritious Roach Mix.
I copped this Roaches from Jamest0o0
Red Runner
Green Banana
Orange Head


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Nice, those red runners are fast, make sure they don't get away from you, lol

The banana roaches I got from @jamest0o0 were brown instead of green. Are the nymphs brown and adults green, or maybe I got a different breed of them.


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lol, you guys and gals crap me up.

I would be re-homing Peri if my wife came across an escape cockroach.

I'm sort of happy that Peri didn't like the red runners. There was a crack in the container lid that was flush. And even then I saw two running around the bottom of the fish tank that I kept the Tupperware container inside. Still don't know how they forced there way out of the crack.

But I also saw them stacked 3 high inside my feeder cup trying to get out into the main enclosure. They were trying to make a ladder like you see the ants do on the discovery channel.

I made sure I counted 5 went into the enclosure and 5 came out of the enclosure.


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oh hell naw. I have a hard enough time knowing there are probably a few loose (small) dubia in my enclosures! and even with those, I am extremely careful! Every now and then they fling one out of the cup with their tongue and a little piece of me dies.


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No roaches loose as of yet, however there is a small population of crickets that like to cuddle with me and my wife in the middle of the night. Doesn’t bother me much but wife is a different story lmbo.

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