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OMG never in my life have I ever lived in a flea, ants, and mosquito infested place. I'm trying to get rid of ALL bugs before the 2 babies arrive. Anyone have any suggestions? Landlord isn't wanted to do anything about it!
Fleas, your going to need to treat the animals that are the host's. Frontline monthly is probably the best, easiest product. Flea powders, bombs, flea dips, flea collars, flea shampoos only remedy the situation for a very short time and require work...

Mosquitoes, you have to get rid of any standing water. Citronella, bug light, etc...

Ant, liquid peppermint where ever you see them on a paper towel.

You could also just call a bug exterminator like orkin.
Bombs are terrible. They literally cover every surface with poison.

If they work, you will still have poison everywhere.

This could easily be passed to chameleons, or feeder later on.

What you need to do is, is you need to get rid of all food sources, that is the best way to control any pest.

Some localized poison may be a good idea on the ant beds.
I give my dog a bath every week, put flea stuff on her, etc. Since we moved in last month, I've washed all blankets every week since. I've used the home remedy Borax and vacuumed it up. But still have fleas. Theres no screen on the windows so the mosquitos have easy access inside. Ants... ants decided to make my planted pots their home.

We were an insect free home (besides the dubias and other feeders) before we moved. Had none of these issues. I live with a grown man and a son whom are both afraid of bugs.:rolleyes: 4 more months here then moving.
For fleas... On carpets, hard floors and even furniture. Mix 1/2 & 1/2 salt and baking soda in an old spice bottle or any bottle that you can shake powder from. Powder all hard floors, carpets, etc. Work powder into carpet and into cracks on hard floors. Lt set for 24 hours and then vacuum. Vacuum every day for 7-10 days and empty vacuum outside every time you use it. You can give dog/cat Capstar to kill fleas on them within 24 hours and then treat with a flea preventative. I adopted two kittens 3 years ago and they were covered in fleas. I could not spray poison because my daughter had a Chinchilla. It took some work but we have been flea free ever since.

Hope this helps. :eek:
Haha, welcome to Texas! Mosquitos you can't do much about. If there are any sources of standing water around your place get rid of them - even small areas like a bowl of water, left over tire, etc can be a breeding ground for Mosquitos! For fleas, use frontline on your pets monthly and vacuum all the carpet and wash all bedding when you apply the product to your pets and again two-three weeks later. Only the adult fleas are on pets, but the eggs, larvae and pupae fall off the pet and live in the bedding and carpet wherever your pet lives. The movement and vibration of the vacuum will trigger all the flea pupae in your carpet to hatch so the ones that jump on your pets will die from the frontline and you'll vacuum up the late hatchers when you vacuum again. Make sure oyu empty the vacuum outside when you're done so they don't sneak back out into your house. Svin dust can be sprinkled in carpet to help kill more if you have a really bad infestation. Only had success with pesticides with ants unfortunately.
corn meal (expansion in the stomach) near the any hill they feed it to the queen and the colony dies. ants doing like vinegar or mint
1pt water 1pt vinegar.
any mint plant
cornmeal (they take it to the queen, she eats it and then explodes)

all good for keeping ants away.

found these on a DIY website.
Thank you everyone... Yea weve also had bee and wasp issues. Had a wasp fly up the vent and i ran down to tell them. They looked at me like i was crazy. Turns out that the the vent had dead roach up there.

I wanted to get bug extreminator out here but going to cost alot to spray the house and yard (acre lot). Theres no screens on the windows and the first thing the landlord asked was if we were going to replace them, they were gone when we moved in.

We have 3 more months before we can move. Then looking into buying closer to hubbies work.
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