Rhampoleon Spinosum

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by ChrisZ, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. ChrisZ

    ChrisZ Member

    I have been waiting for quite some time for the new shipment from Tanzania with Spinosums and some other dwarf leaf chameleons. Last monday they arrived here in the Netherlands and I was the first to pick some of these gorgeous arnimals. They were only sold as pairs so I picked up 1.1 of them.

    The first pictures are below. After 1 hour in their new terrarium I already saw them mating - let's hope for some Spinosum babies in the future.
  2. Lathis

    Lathis Chameleon Enthusiast

    very cool!
  3. Saldarya

    Saldarya Established Member

    Outstanding, some of my favorite. Please keep us updated!
  4. ashutt19

    ashutt19 New Member

    Great photos!! They are awesome. Hope u get some little ones.
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  5. djfishygillz

    djfishygillz Established Member

    Oh wow very cool :)
  6. qdude46

    qdude46 Member

    Such unique pygmies! I hope you get a fertile clutch:)
  7. ChrisZ

    ChrisZ Member

    Thanks! I'll keep you updated.

    I was wondering if Spinosus will or is available in the US? I saw that they were pretty rare in the states and wondering how that's possible.
  8. kameleons jvo

    kameleons jvo Established Member

    i kept and bred these guys very successfully for many years.
    A good advice Chris :don't keep them to warm its a mountain species,ideal is about 21 a day and between 12 and 15 at night.
    Success with them!
  9. ChrisZ

    ChrisZ Member

    Thanks Jurgen! That's exactly the way I was told to keep them. They are kinda similar to Accuminatus but they need even lower tempertures. Thanks for your advice :)

    TIMMYBOY New Member


    I hope someone in the states starts a ch population
    I absolutely love those lil critters....OUTSTANDING
  11. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
    Staff Member

    This is truly an amazing species, but its interesting that you were able to get them from Tanzania considering they have not been issued a CITES quota since 2011 (and thus can't be legally exported). Many people try to claim that because they have been reclassified as a Rhampholeon species that they are no longer a CITES listed species, but that is simply not true (CITES has not recognized the nomenclature change, and thus they are still considered Bradypodion spinosum for CITES purposes).

    This species has been in captivity in the US in limited numbers over the last 6 years, but not legally since the last quotas in 2011. Until Tanzania issues new quotas, any Rhampholeon spinosus available in the US are almost assuredly illegal imports.

  12. coldbloodedAL

    coldbloodedAL Avid Member

    A few came in some months ago, I purchased a trio... Two of the three arrived in terrible shape, broken legs, dehydrated, basically on deaths doorstep. For what I paid I was not going to keep them like that. And I had a bit of a moral battle with myself given their status...

    But one, healthy specimen that arrived was one of the coolest species of chameleons I have ever seen. I wish they were not in the status which they are. I would really like to work with them...

  13. ChrisZ

    ChrisZ Member

    @ Chris: I've heard some of that before.. the genus change is exactly what the store keeper told me; he imported 50 of them last week and even 50 more 1 month ago...

    @ Alex: Such a bummer to hear you received them in a bad shape.. How are they doing? Did they survive? That's a really cool male on your picture.
    The 50 I saw in the petshop are in really good shape!
  14. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson Dr. House of Chameleons
    Staff Member

    Yeah, those numbers are far higher than has ever been legally exported from Tanzania, and as I mentioned, the genus change is the excuse these importer and exporters are using, but its still illegal. Sad considering this has been assessed by the IUCN Red List as Endangered.

  15. coldbloodedAL

    coldbloodedAL Avid Member

    Honestly, I have no idea how they are doing.. I sent them back to the place that said "They were in great shape" before I puchased them. I really wanted to keep them, but I wasn't going to pay $750 and end up with one. I even though that price was a bit high for a trio.

    Sadly, I'm sure the two females I received didn't make it. And only 12 pairs came in. Maybe someone has a few somewhere in the states.. .

    I am surprised they arrive in those numbers over there, given their status.
  16. ChrisZ

    ChrisZ Member

    Wow! 750 for a trio is way to much IMO I paid like 90dollar for the pair... Ive noticed that chameons are way cheaper in Europe compared to the US
  17. coldbloodedAL

    coldbloodedAL Avid Member

    Yeah, unfortunately we will pay the prices if we want them enough :p
  18. Rottsko

    Rottsko Avid Member

    wow, those are some really cool looking chams. congrats on those beautiful animals!
  19. ChrisZ

    ChrisZ Member

    Thank you :)
  20. luvbug237

    luvbug237 Member

    It still amazes me how many different type of chameleons their are! How beautiful :)

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