Revenge of the crickets


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Ohhhh that sucks! I bought this for Beman's lamp
I just drilled holes in it into the frame. I really like it not only can I get an angle to the fixture but it lifts it up off the top a bit to avoid thermal burns.
Here is what it looks like on his enclosure.
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Might need to get one of those instead and a new cage sooner then later but for now duck tape


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I’ve been finding lots of escaped crickets lately and couldn’t figure out why. Well my clamp light ripped a giant hole on the top of Larry’s cage that’s why ugh!o_O:mad:

Eh theyll die fairly quickly tho and cant breed so theyll be a pest for a week tops until they starve or w.e


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Don't use tape chameleons will find a way to get stuck to it. I would use those flat sheet magnets that come with advertising calendars cut in half and put on each side or sew the hole closed.
Remember the post where the guy was wondering why the cham was staying in the same spot for a few days, and then he discovered that its tail was stuck to the glue of the label of the plant he just bought...


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@Brodybreaux25 (I can't figure out how to put your reply in a green box)

I was wondering that from the title too.

I think its supposed to be "Revenge of the crickets" (I blame auto-spell)
I know that what she meant, It was a joke.

I think your trying to quote my post, to do that just highlight what you want to quote, right click, hit quote then come down to the reply box and put your curser in it. Then hit the “insert quote” button.


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I don't know if it will let you change the heading.... I just looked at one of my threads and it does not seem to have a place to do it.
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