Retained Eye Skin Shed


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My Chameleon has retained a few pieces of skin on his eyes. Is this just going to fall off? or will it cause problems in the future with the new skin growth?

Mist him more, it will help get the extra skin off. Also, try a warm shower, put him on a plant or stick in the shower, and aim the shower head to bounce off the wall or floor, so that the cham ends up in the spray (not directly in shower water line). that will help get rid of it.
the sheding should come off with little to trouble on its own.. if he cant kick the shedding.. try gently dripping warm not hot,,, water onto the drid skin.. ive also heard of people using liquid vitamin A.. putting one drop on each eye crest.. it soaks into the tissue and skin falls off.. ive never tried it my self....hope any info helped..
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