Resting front hand ( black spots)


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I walked in and was checking on my chams as I always do and saw my verrucosus resting his front right hand. I took him out carefully and inspected it, I saw black spots on his hand. Tell me what you guys think it is!
No, he usually just sticks to his tree and vines. I put ointment on it before his lights went out. Maybe it'll help, but I don't recall seeing any open wounds.
Very difficult to see from the pic, but they could be scabs or infections either from an injury or moisture getting trapped against his foot. Do his branches stay moist or dry out completely. Pododermatitis (foot infection) can be challenging because if it progresses and goes into the deeper layers of the foot it can damage the bones and be very difficult to treat. If they were just spots I wouldn't be too worried, but since he doesn't want to use the foot much I'd have them checked by a vet in case treatment is needed.
I know from experience when they hang their limbs repeatedly, they are in pain. The chameleon in my avatar had a foot problem which ultimately caused his demise. It is worth having it checked out for sure. Good luck to you and your cham.
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