Respected Breeders?

I have only bought at a pet store. Would like to hear some recomendations as well.
I am not sure how they ship chameleons through mail. I would think they would stress too much, but I have heard of others doing it.
It has been almost 3 years since I purchased from a breeder, so I do not have much experience. I hope someone with some more experience can post here and let us know. I plan to purchase a new chameleon within the next few months.

I have received a chameleon or two via overnight mail, each time with success. It is a very delicate process, which is a good reason to find a respected breeder; someone who cares about the animals, not just the money. The chameleons were shipped in a small special 'live animal' packaging. They had a small twig for the little baby cham, and a small heat pad contained in a compartment below the chameleon. I forget what it was called, but a special kind of shipping was used. I picked the packages up directly from the airport.
Im also looking for some good chameleon breeders. I currently own a veiled that I bought from a local reptile show a couple years ago. Im interested in a panther or jacksons chameleon. I have seen a couple breeders after doing a google search, but I would really like to hear from people that have bought from these places.

btw, this is my first post :eek:
Im also interested in either a panther or jacksons. Having a hard time deciding on which one. Are there different colored jacksons? I really like the horns, but the panther colors are realy nice too.
I like the jacksons image on the top left of this forum. It has some yellow and blue, compared to the mostly pure green Ive normaly seen.
know of a good online breeder? Share them with us :)

Here is one that I have heard good things about, but have no personal experience with them:
Was just looking at there selection and boy do they have some nice looking chams. Kind of expensive though $400?!wow?@? :eek:
They have some others that look very good too for around $250. Are these normal prices?
I assume you are looking at panthers, becuase they are the only chams for that price that I saw on the site. From my recent browsing of online breeders, the price does seem to be within the average range. Might be on the high end, but their reputation is very good from what I hear.

Three panther breeders I have heard good things about:

I do not have any experience with the above breeders. I also plan to purchase a new cham very soon, and have been researching my options. Let me know if you find anything interesting.
Well, I heard same about those as well and know of another place to get healthy baby chameleons shipped from online and very good prices.
LLL Reptile
And they have many breeds and the cheapest I have yet to find online with garentee.
Good luck.
Does lllreptile breed themselves or are these baby chameleons bought from other breaders? Have you purchased chameleons from them?
Well, to tell you the truth, I am not sure. I have mearly searched net for panthers and found them. I don't know if they are CB or anything. But how I heard of them is, the pet store I bought my veiled from. He had mentioned he has them as his chameleon provider. I would assume there ok cause, they have good garentee and have many kinds.
To be honest, If looking for beautiful chameleon and very nice people and service, goto kammerflauge creation's AKA
Yes, maybe you see high prices but, remember you get what you pay for and you will never find better people or breeder's :cool:
If looking for beautiful chameleon and very nice people and service, goto kammerflauge creation's AKA
I did just that :D New panther recently arrived. Will have pics soon :p

I have not heard anything good or bad about LLLreptile's chameleons. I have heard good things about their online store and service though. Infact, I might be ordering a few things today.
What kind of panther did you get brad? Congrats!
Looking at 2 more from them and maybe trying to get fishers as well!
I decided on a panther cross. He is an Ambanja and Nose Be cross. Here is a link with some info and more pictures: Ambanja Crosses.

He arrived as scheduled and the packaging was excellent. He seems to be in very good health and is already eating and drinking well. I recomend giving ChameleonsOnly a look when you are browsing for your next cham. Ed and Liddy seem very nice from the emails we have exchanged, and I look forward to doing business with them in the future (I never mentioned this site).

I will post an introduction with some pics in the next few days (very busy lately). I have some pics of his father and both grandfathers too.


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