rescueing meller chameleon eggs

the pet shop i help run got a couple of meller chameloens in the store back in december one wasn't looking to good had a scared face and one eye wouldn't open i thought it might be a female because it didn't like the other one and it always had darker colors. while last weekend she started looking really bad so i asked if i could take them home to give them a chance to get outside and try to rehydrate them. spraying everyday at the store wasn't helping. this past friday i went outside to check on them and found three eggs at the bottom of the cage so i was right about the one and it was a female. i put her in a nest box becuase if she is not going to burry them because she is to weak so i figured if anything she drops them close to the ground and i might have a chance to save them. came home that night no eggs and she was looking really bad i started to feel here belly and felt the rest of the eggs. and i told myself if she dies tonight i cutting her open tomarrow to remove the eggs because they are all ready to come out. while she died saturday night and on sunday morning i cut her open and removed 19 eggs out of her and some look good some were a little yellow and a few already had a black dot inside the egg like they already started to devolep inside her.. do you think it is to late for the eggs or should i still incubate them and see if they hatch. do meller eggs need to be kept in the dark like the rest. i'll post picture tonight of the inside of here and the eggs. i'm keeping my fingures crossed
IMHO its worth trying to incubate them. The worst that can happen is that they will be no good....but even if one was good it would be worth it. When you take eggs from a dead chameleon, I don't know what the time line is before its too late. Also, ones taken from a dead chameleon tend to get a reddish "mold" on them. It doesn't seem to matter.

As far as keeping them in the dark....I would.

I hope at least one hatches for you.

Its a shame that the chameleon died....but so common with Meller's imports.
I'm really interested in Melleri. I'd like to get one this summer but have been un-able to find sufficient research. I have the basics for their care down, but how much do they normally cost? (sorry to hi-jack your thread)

But as kinyonga said, why not? The worst that could happen is that the eggs are no good, in which case you just get rid of them. But, if they are good, imagine the possibilities!!!
If you want to learn about Meller's go to this site. They are definitely one of the more difficult chameleons to keep in captivity....and I don't recommend them for anyone who hasn't had a lot of experience with chameleons.
chameleon dies while hatching

my chameleon started laying eggs this afternoon, after 4 of them, she went down hill fast and is now dead. would it be a good idea to cut her open and save the eggs she has left?
You need to be sure she is completely dead. Due to "oxygen metabolism" the brain can remain active for a long time after you think she's dead.
im so sorry for all you that lost your meller's :( it would break my heart if my melleri died i love her so much, im afraid its time for her to lay eggs again like they do every year and its worrying me :/
It seems a lot of mellers threads are being brought back from the dead! I would imagine if they had hatched, because if the rarity of ch/cb mellers, they would have made a thread on it.
I agree with max it's time to resurrect this thread and see if anyone can update us on this!! Tragic that she passed but fascinating if even one egg hatched. It would be a miracle chameleon!!
The OP hasn't logged in since '08. I could be wrong, but I dont think they will respond.
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