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I have been looking around, and heard a few recommendations, for where a good place to purchase a panther chameleon would be. I just am wondering where you guys got yours and your experience with them? I am not ordering my chameleon until late this year as i'm still getting some funds and supplies together, but I do enjoy looking at breeders and finding a good one with good reviews. It also lets me see what kind of panthers they produce. I am leaning towards getting an Ambilobe over a Nosy Be, but even then Ambilobes come in so many varieties of colors its hard to decide which I like best.


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I’ve had a good experience with both Kammerflage Kreations (arguably currently the most well known/respected panther breeders)... as well as with Frank Payne, another reputable breeder (@frankpayne32 ). I believe Frank Payne is a former zoologist and breeds panthers and other, less common reptiles and chameleons.
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