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Hello everyone! Okay, so I had a question regarding the Reptisun 5.0 UVB lights. I originally had a fixture with 2 of the Reptisun 5.0 compact bulbs and they seemed to be working fine. I've had my chameleon just over a month now with these bulbs and have not had any problems. But after reading several threads on here I've become a bit worried when I saw that the compact bulbs have been linked to eye problems in reptiles. So today I went to buy a new fixture with a Reptisun 5.0 UVB linear tube lightbulb to replace the original fixture with the compact bulbs. The only difference is that the lighting with the linear tube light is WAY dimmer than it was with the compact bulbs. Is it supposed to be this way? By comparison to the compact bulbs, the dimness of this new light has me worried that my chameleon wont be getting any (or enough) UVB. Hopefully someone has had this same dilemma, and even if not, I'd appreciate everyone's input! :)
Many members use the compacts without issue. The problem was many years ago where the lights were emitting too much uvb and were causing blindness and eye issues. That has all since been rectified. I personally like the tubes because they cover a bigger area. I never used the compacts myself so cannot comment on the brightness comparison of the two.
Although the companies have said they have been fixed people are still having problems even with new stock. They don't give out good uv levels and as mentioned do not cover a good area as the tubes that the uv should. I personally wouldn't ever use compacts on anything.

If you want more ligh you could add a 6500k grow light onto the cage which will brighten it up.
Like mentioned, issues have still been occurring with compacts.

Uvb bulbs are indeed dim, but do the job. Yiu don't need to worry about the amount of uvb coming from them
Like mentioned, issues have still been occurring with compacts.

Uvb bulbs are indeed dim, but do the job. Yiu don't need to worry about the amount of uvb coming from them

I was not aware of this. When you say problems, are you talking blindness and eye problems or not emitting proper uv rays as Bradley stated?. If the problems are still occurring with eyes, do you have any links you could provide with the evidence? I am not doubting you, just would like to educate myself better.
Okay, it looks like I'm sticking with the tube lightbulb then. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Thanks for all of your input! :D
One case was a person on Facebook. She has her female under compacts and she dveloped photoconjunctvitus. The vet gave her some eye droves but they didn't really help. I then advised for her to change to the Arcadia T5 tubes and the difference was great. A few days later she was openin her eyes and movin more.
T5HO tubes offer a great UVB distribution and bright light :)

I use these on all my reptiles and the results are brilliant. Would never use a compact or T8 again really. I use the 12% on top of my panther cages with reflectors.

Have had may people say this is too much but given a good setup with plenty of cover it is great for them. The light they produce is excellent aswell.
Just don't forget that not ALL cham species do best under the same type of lighting. I tend to keep montanes and prefer ReptiSun 5.0 linear bulbs. They work fine, the chams are healthy and don't hide from more intense radiation. I do not like CF bulbs even if they prove OK for eyes. I've used one on my bird aviary too and plan to get rid of it for the same reason. They are rather intense and don't light the cage as broadly.
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