Reptisun 10.0

I built a new setup this week and was thinking the same thing. I went ahead and bought a couple because I always worry the uvb is not penetrating deep enough into the cage.

I have not used the compact bulbs yet. I was curious how they performed, but because of the price difference I just picked up some normal tubes.
10.0 is awesome yes. The price is more, cause you get more.
Don't be fooled, Yes it is a very good bulb but, the 5.0 is plenty for most cham's. Don't go running to spend another $26.00 when its not needed.
cool thanks for the info. What do you think about the compact reptisun bulbs? Are they as good as the normal long tube bulbs?
They are for a differant use and, yes they are good! I also have " sun glo " basking bulbs and they seem as good. Just remember to look for what they provide and go from there. Reptisun very good name and brand, anything from these guys are very good.
Interesting. I dont care much about the 2 hour feature, because I prefer to keep mine on all day for the extra light it provides. The 3 foot light penetration sounds good. However, chameleons spend most of their lives in the top 3rd of their cage so I would think a 2 foot penetration would be fine for the average cage size.

Also, a quote from their website worries me for people wanting to use the light all day:
Since the Mystic Bulbs create a special source of UV, reptiles only need exposure to this bulb for a maximum of 2 hours a day.
Does this mean it can hurt the cham if the light is on longer than 2 hours? I do know that excessive amounts of uv can harm a chameleon as well as most other animals.
Yes it can. It will make them produce to much calcuim. I know it can lead to many other harmfull things that could be fatal. I would just stick with reptisun 5.0 for $13.79 per bulb. That is cheaper than anything you will find and it's best for any chameleon. Check " current specials " forum and there is prices,sizes and where to buy.
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