Reptile Sketches

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Hey i thought i would share these sketches with you all please feel free to comment



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How Much?

How much do you charge for your drawings? or do you even sell them?

Do you do any in color, or just black and white?

I'd be interested in crested geckos, leopard geckos, leaf-tails, and ambanja chameleons.

Hi yes i sell prints of all my work or the orginals if people want to buy them

If interested prints are $20 each or buy more than one there $15 each this includes shipping as i will post worldwide.

I also get commissioned pieces for between $45-$70 depending on size but it will be a totally one of of your own pet unless you give permission to take prints from it.

I also do loads of other prints and greeting cards if interested send me a pm
Jackson Chameleon

Thought i would share this with you all please feel free for comments prints are available :)
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