Reptile Shows are EVIL "sarcastically"


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Well, just got back from the reptile show in Reading, PA. I went to get a few 1/8 in. Dubias (which nobody had), and pickup a chameleon from a fellow forum member. Needless to say I ended up spending way to much money.

I ended up with:
1.0 - 14ish Month old BlueBar Ambilobe Panther Chameleon (from the forum member)
1.1 - Bearded Chameleons (realy cute little ones about 1.5 inch long)
0.0.2 - D. Azureus (Blue and Black Dart Frogs)
0.0.alot - Fruit Flies

On top of that my niece got a huge Cane Toad.

Over all it was a nice show not to many chameleons (a few Panthers, Jacksons, and Veileds), lots of Leopard Geckos and Leaf Geckos, tons of Ball Pythons. Overall it was it was a good show, well got to get back to setting up the new animals.

P.S. Sorry images didn't come out, I'll try to take more when I get time.
The only thing that sucked real bad was the fact that it was in the conference hall and not the expo hall (Evil small lanes), especially with my wheelchair.
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