Reptile Show Frequency?

Reptile Show Frequency?

  • monthly

    Votes: 65 14.4%
  • quarterly

    Votes: 88 19.5%
  • biannually

    Votes: 79 17.5%
  • annually

    Votes: 74 16.4%
  • rarely

    Votes: 47 10.4%
  • never

    Votes: 98 21.7%

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I go every time there is one in my area which is quarterly. I always go with the intention of just looking and not buying but if I see something of interest I get weak:) Usually here the shows are not that great so I rarely get anything. It's mostly very common things like ball pythons, beardies and leopard geckos. I miss the bigger expos in other states I've lived in.


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check one of sponser's website, They are having the Phoenix Reptile Expo on Nov 14th and 15th at the Fiesta Resort in Tempe, AZ.


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I go every time there's a show in Orlando, so that's maybe once every 2-3 months. And we'll go to Daytona, and if we're in the mood to go that far we'll drive to Tampa. But if it's in Orlando we are definately there!

And we nearly always take an animal home. Last time I was good and stuck to only taking home crickets and a few other supplies, but my roommate took home another beardie. If I'm not on the hunt for a great looking gecko to add to my projects I'm looking for a specific pet animal, like my Jackson's.


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Big shows.... maybe 2 times a year. Wish there were more shows in chicago ill, but I do hope to fly to california for at least one of the shows this year:D


I have been to 3 in the last year, White Plains once and twice northern Berks. I am limited because, I can't go with out spening money and in this business, once I get there i feel like I need everthing that I see -there is so much cool stuff. Not sure I would get a cham there, poor selection and it seems that if the big vendors don't know you they can be a little snooty. I do like to buy dart frogs from them, cash of course.


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I went to my very first reptile show this past September in Tucson, AZ. Fascinating! I bought my very first panther chameleon there. If there were more shows, I'd go to all of them. I'm seriously thinking of going to a Las Vegas or a so. Cal show next year. I buy my reptile needs from Reptile Specialists here in Tucson.


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There is only one show here. It is the T.A.R.A.A.S. (The Alberta Reptile And Amphibian Society) show.They do it twice a year, spring & fall. I try to attend and usually buy something


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i go to the ihs show twice a year at the doncaser dome and i also go to the bug show at rothwell's blackburn hall :)

think they are ace , if you havnt been to one it is well worth the travel , there are so many different things on offer every year :) its great , plus you can always find something to fill a viv with :D


Ive never been to one =((( As far as I know.... there has never been one around where I live..... Ive never even known OF reptile shows until I joined the forums =[[


ZOMG whaaa theres going to be one in New Orleans!!! >> I wonder if I can get anyone to bring me T_T

wooo therse also gonna be one in Baton rouge!! .... I can prolly get someoen to bring me there too <<


Were have you been sookie youve been missing on the forums forever!!! Why cant you just drive yourself or do they not have any air boat parking in the big city lol:p
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