Reptile Show Frequency?

Reptile Show Frequency?

  • monthly

    Votes: 65 14.4%
  • quarterly

    Votes: 88 19.5%
  • biannually

    Votes: 79 17.5%
  • annually

    Votes: 74 16.4%
  • rarely

    Votes: 47 10.4%
  • never

    Votes: 98 21.7%

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How often do you attend reptile shows? Is there a particular show you enjoy more than others? Do you usually purchase new animals and supplies or are you more of a browser?
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We don't have many shows around here, unfortunately. I love going to them just to see what all there is and to connect with the local breeders and enthusiasts. I usually end up getting animals and supplies- sometimes I go with a specific animal to find and sometimes the animals find me.
Well, had to choose the closest option, quarterly. I go to 4-5 a year, two in spring, and 3 in fall, with nothing happening in summer or winter.


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I am lucky to be in Florida :) -I can hit Tampa, Orlando, and Daytona! :) Tampa and Orlando usually are 2-3 times a year.
I like to browse, rarely buy anything now that my collection is large.
It is a great place to meet people from the forums!
And-there is a always a large quantity of snakes! Ball Pythons galore!


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Those are too far away for me to go - gas you know. However, one of these days I will get to Orlando. Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach occassionally have shows but they are small and by the same folks.


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unfortunately, i have to say never... since ive gotten into this hobby, there hasnt even been a single show that i know of in az....lame...:(


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I, like Forever, am ashamed to say that I have never been to a reptile show.
I live in Minneapolis, MN, and there are NO reptile shows that come here. I would LOVE to go if I had the opportunity. A friend and I are planning to make it to one of the huge Cali or Florida shows in the next year though. Hope it works out!


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to me, it just not enough! :D
I have sooooo much fun at the last NARBC.
I am already looking forward for next year..
putting a real face on the chameleon forum members is fun.
lol, I'm having trouble remembering the real names. So, I just call everybody by their nicks.:D

Vegas Chad

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I have such a hard time with that :( meeting so many people during the show then trying not to forget the cham forum people. ill have to refer to the person behing the pooter thread.

ciafardo 4

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harve de grace maryland is every month but its just snakes beardies and lepord geckos rarely chams except for the wild caught tick infested senegals and mellers and a few others its really depressing that these guys are just in it for a buck they cant even remove the ticks before the put ten senegals in a 12x12x18 cage i bought one 3 years ago for 10 bucks i cleaned him up and still have him i am babbling


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I live in Southern Ontario and there is a show in Mississauga about every 2 months. I try to attend at least 3 of them each year.


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I would attend shows every month if it is held in Russia. Even if I went to european reptile show, it's impossible to bring anything with you because of russian custom.
I usually check for reptile shows in any area. They generally have them all and links to their respective web pages. I have been to monthly shows in Kentucky and a few in Georgia. FL Chams usually comes to the georgia shows, but only bring the cool stuff upon request.
By the way just click on Events or upcoming events on and they will tell you pretty much every reptile show in the US.
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