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I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with Reptifoggers with a veiled chameleon or if they aren't even intended for use with a Chameleon.

At the time of purchasing my veiled, I was advised to get a misting system or fogger. However I've since learned after research that most of the information I received from the store was inaccurate or contradictory to my own research.

I have a 24x48 enclosure with a Reptifogger positioned near the top. I have attached an image for your reference.

I'm now concerned that my cham may be dehydrated. Although I'm not noticing discoloration in fecal matter her eyes no longer open and do indeed appear sunken.

Should I be misting in addition to the fogger? There is a significant amount of water buildup in the tray beneath the enclosure and the vegetation, both live and artificial appear moist and dew-like.


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I use the same fogger for my veiled. i find that it helps keep the humidity up, as well as create a small amount of water build up at the end of the hose. I also have a misting machine to, so she is getting plenty of water... but i do still spray down her enclosure 2-3 times a day...
Oh my...your cage needs much work. First off ditch the fogger, it does not provide any way for your Cham to hydrate. Get a water dripper and a mister. You can buy a bug sprayer to save on money if you would like and mist for a couple mintues three times a day. You also need a TON of horizontal branches at all different levels through out the cage with vines connecting them. You will also want to add much larger plants (from the safe plant list) and even fake vines/foliage such as flunkers repti vines. This will be a good start to a much better cage for your Cham.
Heres the thing about the reptifogger from zoomed, it breaks! I had two, and they just dont last. I like how clean they look and the fact that they have zoomed branding, but besides that they are not reliable. Get yourself a nice (and cheaper) regular humidifier. Walgreens, Amazon, even Costco has them for like 40-50 greenbacks. Another thing to note is that Veiled chams dont really need a fogger. A mist setup and a dripper work better. If you had a Jackson, then it would be a good idea, but for a Veiled, its not really necessary.
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