ReptiBreeze and Horizontal Vines


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Morning all, after some advice, have just brought the Reptibreeze screen cage for my female panther and looking to kit it out lovely for her. I wanted to have a horizontal vine but not to sure how to put one in. I did think about using the foam sealant on each side of the cage but not sure if it would stick to the mesh. Also im a big advocate of using real plants but we are having issues maintaining them and they die pretty quickly. I have gone for the plastic route but should there be at least one live plant on there for them?
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My opinion, all plants should be live but to each their own... live horizontal vines don’t work very well for chams because of how unstable they are, got to be supported by something. I suggest you install something similar to a dragon ledge or run a horizontal stick in there and wrap your vines around it.

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I am in the process of setting ours up this weekend. I also have the Reptibreeze. I have zip ties and very thin and soft bendable wire (craft wire) and dragon ledges to use for support. The main strength comes from the branches and the vines will be intertwined around them as to appear "natural"and then any ends can be affixed and zip tied to another branch. All plants should be live so if you are having trouble with plants staying alive, it may be a lighting issue. I have my plants currently under this light 6500K 24" daylight bulb and it is thriving already and its not even in the habitat with the humidity as of yet. So make sure your lighting is correct and that may solve those issues. You need your basking heat lamp and then we have a 24" double bulb fixture that houses the T5 UVB bulb for the little one and the 6500K daylight bulb which is for the plants that spreads all the away across the habitat.
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