Reptibreeze 18x18x36


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I'm going to start building a cage base, before the cage gets here. Can any verify the outside dimension is 18x18. I want to make sure they're not talking about the inside. Thanks


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I got a 24x24x48" from LLLreptile and what I can tell you is they are just window screens screwed together.

Ever seen a screen panel over a window? Most of the time they're white. But they are exactly like the ones the cage is made out of.

When I built my cage stand with my father we had a whole quarter of an inch to spare on each side even when building the stand EXACTLY to the dimensions 24x24x48".

So you are buying from a different company and I understand the measurements are not always exact, but I can almost guarantee that you will have give or take half an inch of the "exact" measurement of the cage.

My cage was "exactly" 24x24x48" but it turned out to be only like 23.4 inches in depth and width.


I've gotten burned too many times.
I'd wait to get the cage before you do your final cuts.
I'd measure and extra inch on all pieces so your ready to construct whe the cage comes
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