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This being my first question and being some what of a newbe I have a question regarding this cage. I mostly have used glass tanks for my lizards and this being my first screen cage. The cage is 18x18x36 and I plan on putting my new veiled lizard in it. Be in Florida I am using a potted ficus plant made to fit in the screen. The screen comes with a loose plastic bottom and I am concerned about drainage. I will be keeping it indoors with my other lizards. Having to water the ficus I was wondering what you guys do regarding this.
I am very lucky to have found this site, it is great to have.
I thank you for taking my question.
I have a hibiscus in that same cage and I have misters that spray when I'm away at work. In the past though I have watered it by hand and misted by hand and those both work and also give the chameleon something to drink off.

Here's a helpful link on putting plants in your cage (it's the second box down):

And that cage is great trust me! Just please make sure you figure out a draining system so your veiled doesn't drink the drained water.

For draining I put my cage on a rack and put the heavy plant in the cage and drilled a 1/8" hole where the floor bowed down so it drains into a bucket below the rack.

Have fun! We'd love to see pictures of your new setup when you're done! :)


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I thank you for your reply. I should have known there was a post on drainage systems which i just found. Got some great ideas.Thanks very much.


For the time being (before I find a proper stand and cut a hole out) I have a cheap plant stand on wheels that I got a walmart. I put a shallow dish underneath, and will wipe up any excess drips after a long misting.
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