Reptarium Questions


hey everyone,
i will be getting a 175 gallon reptarium for my panthers chameleon and i wanted to know a couple of things.

1. how sturdy are they? i have heard some bad reviews about the 260 gallon reptariums and and that is bigger than what i need so im getting the 175 gallon and would like to know about that.
2. i plan on using my mistking on the cage. when i put the nozzle in the cage to i have to be extra careful not to rip it open to much, or is it even possible to put a nozzle in it? or will the mesh hold up pretty good?
3. will my 5.0 reptisun 24" tube light be ok for the UVB? iv heard the mesh blocks most of the UVB rays.

well those are my questions, hope you can clear some things up for me.:D
I personally don't really like reptariums but they are a compleatly useable cage for a decent value. I guess you could rig the misting hose & nozzle to the internal frame with zipties and run the hose out the top zipper corner without poking holes in the mesh. As far as drainage goes you could buy one of those plastic liner thingys, poke a hole in the corner and tip the whole cage slightly towards the hole and drain it into a bucket or somthing. I found the mesh very dark so getting any kind of light intensity inside will take more watts than an aluminum screen cage. I also melted the mesh on one of mine by placing my basking light directly on it so that is something to watch out for as well. Cheers!
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