Rephrase shed Question

Do you mean to counteract the vitamin A??

I have never had to do that. It can be dangerous in that you could then overdo the D3. I just try to keep things in balance in the first place!
That's how I have it figured as well. However, I suspect that I do not have optimal feeding going on since he got so picky about eating when he got back from his escape for a week. He is growing, and his color is better, etc. I just want to vamp up his vitamin intake and feel he's not getting enough from the buggies. I do feed the bugs well. But the staple is carrot. I am overly protective of things in my care and just want the best for him. Always searching. lol I shall post a new pic of him taken yesterday. Please look, as I am concerned with the color at the corners of his mouth. And the color of his back foot. He is nearly 8 months old and is 13 or so inches long. He has all basking and UVB lights etc... good husbandry and we go into the sun for 20 mins a day. That's all the time I have in a small window of opportunity due to position of the place I live. I'll post pic in gallery.
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