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Keeping in mind that the water I use here has chloramine in it, please throw at me every rehydration technique known. Links, prior posts, instructions, whatever it is you have proven most effective.
I get up early and begin making his salad, filling his dripper with warm treated water for the day's constant driping. I feed him, semi gut loaded worms/crickets. A bit later I hand mist the cage {2 times a day} until my hands can't do it anymore. (sometimes 3xs d) I was taking him into the shower with me but the Chloramine seems to be stinging his eyes, and he hates the shower. He hates being misted even with the water hot. His eyes are not bulgy enough.
He's in the proper dimension cage with the huge full ficus in there. (pic in gallery-white/blk cage) 5.0 UVB light 100 basking bulb. He's eating only enough to get by since he's come back from his escape. He is drinking but I'm not sure how much. I have to work and I'm not there all the time to monitor him. I get home late and the lights have gone out so it's the next morning before the regimine starts all over again. Do you all give the unflavored pedialyte? Diluted? What am I not doing that I could be doing, please? I'm home for a few days and I have time to do anything and everything to get him back on track. So tell me all the tricks and I will apply them.
I have an idea of getting some spring water and warming it and trying to submerge him in the sink for 20 minutes. (not his eyes/nose) Unless you know this would make him crazy?
All in all, he looks a lot better than he did when I first found him after his extended disappearance. Now we are coming up on the two week mark since he's been back and I think he should be doing better. Instead I've not seen a urates in days.
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Unless he can't drink for himself because of a severe health issue, I'd be more concerned with the stress induced by doing anything else other than long, warm water misting sessions. Two or more sessions per day of 20 minutes or longer of continuous misting will give him a chance to drink if he wants to. He will also take-in water through his eyes, nostrils, vent etc. Dehydration can present the symptom of sunken eyes because sunken eyes can be the generic symptom of many health issues including general excess stress.

If you can't afford one of the fancy automated misting systems or prefer to hand-mist then I recommend either a hand pump-up 1-2 qt unit or a multi-gallon Hudson-style garden sprayer. Both are pretty cheap and allow a relatively constant mist/spray/stream of warm water to be selected.

I'm not too concerned with chloramines. If there is a stinging eye issue it is because the pH balance is not neutral. I haven't been too concerned with that either.

One of my favorite hand mister is the middle one in this photo. They used to carry it at Home Depot. Any model with similar features will do. The one on the right is the style to avoid because the "squirt-squirt" style of supplying water can be stressful to some chameleons.
in addition to all the water suff feed as much water and fat heavy food as you can for now silkworms, hornworms, are very high water content and butters and wax worms are great as well for re plumping a cham. im not sure what cham this is i dont read all the threads on here so im prolly missing the back story. if its a pardalis or veild mine do not urinate every day at least the fully adults and elderly ones, and the cham is most likly using up alot of what its eating right now. keep an eye on that but it might not be a big deal at the moment.
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I can't thank you enough. Only the best for my cham. While I want to afford an automated set up, I will immediately get the best of these you showed me. We're having a good day of eating and he's soaked right now from a 17 minute misting session. My hands gave out. lol But he accepted it well this time. His life force is strong. I'll not do things to stress him out. He is well respected and whatever he needs I'll sacrifice to get it. Again, thank you for the support.
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