Rehoming 2 y/o male panther in central Ohio area


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Hello! I’m looking to rehome my 2 year old male panther, Julian, who I got from iPardalis in 2020 amid boredom during COVID. I was (and still am) only a kid in highschool and have since questioned whether or not keeping him is the best thing for me and my schedule. I remember doing so much research and being so dedicated to his care, but can’t say that I’m as interested or willing to uphold that dedication today :(. I don’t if I’m spread too thin or what but regardless, I feel horrible thinking that I’ve let my own problems impair him somehow. Maybe the hobby just isn’t for me? I never thought I’d feel so differently about him or consider somebody else taking over, but I think it’s what’s in both of our best interests.

All that to say: I don’t know where to start with all of this… How should I price him? Do I even ask for money? Should I worry about rehoming just him or include husbandry/accessories/feeder colony? Is shipping even an option with the winter weather right now? I’d feel a lot better giving him to an experienced keeper and even somebody with a vacant cham setup so I don’t have to worry about transporting the lights/misting system/etc. (but even then, is that just a waste of all the stuff I have?).

If anybody wants to help guide me through this or knows of anybody in the central Ohio area that would
be interested, please let me know.

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Facebook had some good rehoming groups for chams and reptiles....if u put it for free to good home, with cage ect, then say there's a rehoming fee to ensure it gets a good home, it will weed out the bad owners (who can't afford a cham) and the owners who would be more than happy, to pay a small fee to ensure they care about his needs. I'm not saying be like :$200! OBO...

But if u put a rehoming fee, it will really weed out the kids from the adults...
So temping as im in NE ohio....

As for the rest...

Some may want the setup if its there first/only chameleon. Else it would only be useful as a backup.

As for a rehoming fee, typically you ask for around full price to get rid of the flippers/kids, and if its a first timer, they are getting an established cham that is not shipped. Then when you find a good mark you wave the fee so they go to a good home, if said mark is just taking it off your hands.

I would not ship this time a year, especially being a first timer.
Go with an experienced keeper when you rehome. This is your best bet for the chameleon having a good life. I think you take a loss financially when you rehome but honestly recouping money should not be your priority.

I would not put ads places like craigslist. Less chance of finding someone that actually knows husbandry for these guys.
Now we just need to figure out where off of 70 the chameleon lives lol. Or if Op will ever post again, its always 50/50.
I really appreciate u guys being so receptive of the situation and considering him! I’m in the New Albany/Pataskala area if that helps
I am interested in a chameleon. I am very knowledgeable and already have a bio active cage for him. Mine died from old age and miss having one around. Mine was a male panther. I am also located in southern Ohio
Much respect for admitting now isn’t a great time and rehoming. No harm in that! When we moved and I had a career change, I decided to part with my 5 chameleons for a similar reason. I feel the best people you can find are ones keeping as a pet who frequent forums and/or research often. My one panther that I rehomed is even 6 years old now with an amazing owner. The right people can dedicate so much to them… I love my animals and it makes me feel good that I sent them to a place where they’re receiving optimal attention. I honestly can’t remember if I gave my panthers away for free or very cheap, but either way you can probably find a good keeper like @nightanole 😉. Just feel people out, ask them their experience, maybe they can even meet up with you.
Its a 5 hour round trip for me...

The dubia bin is low, but its an adult so its not going to eat me out of house at home.

I have 2 reptibreeze XLs in storage along with several dual bulb 42" T5HO's fixtures. And i have a aquazamp misting system that is modified with a real RO booster pump.

So technically i could take him if no one else really wants him.

I wouldnt mind a panther, havent had one in 15 years. He would have to live in a single reptibreeze XL till spring when i would have time to make a platform to merge two together.

Unfortunately he would be the first cham in 20 years to not be free range and have the run of the room. This is due to a certain tegu...

So im offering to pick him up Saturday unless someone really really wants him.
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