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this might not be the right spot to post this but i try to post it somewhere else and it would not let me " pouts " if need be i be happy if somebody can move it if thy don't wish for it to be post here

i have mostly been on bed rest for 3 months now and i still very sick so due to my health we decided to re home some of our reptiles .. i will take trades but only for Chameleons as they easy for me to care for and are nice pets for me to lay in bed and watch

*corn snake*

sex: unknow
morphs: unknow
photos - can be text or emil
rehomeing fee - $50 + shipping ( for both )


i got these two as a Impulse purchase, it turn out i will never use them for anything and while i like them i cant give them the time they need

*adult male ball python*

sex: proven male
morphs: pied
photos - can be text or emil
rehomeing fee - $500 + shipping


we got him as a trade for selling one of our monitors
nice big and fat male ready to go .. since i do not plan on getting a female anytime soon i desided to give him up

*quince monitor*

sex: unknow
morphs: none
photos - can be text or email - i only have 2 photo of him, please do not ask for more .. sadly due to health i cant go and pull him out for more
rehomeing fee - $200 + plus shipping


very nice monitor, has never bitten or tail with me .. while i have hold it in the pass it not easy as all it want to do is to run away .. while it is handable i have not gotten to tame it down or anything .. i also do not cut his nail so you must be careful .. the pet shop took him in as a rescue so they did not know if he was cb or wc

i saw him at a reptile shop in a bad cage setup oddly " since it was a reptile shop " so i took him home with me .. i had him for close to a year and really hate to give him up but i unable to give him the care he need .. right now he live in a 150 gal glass tank and i would say he close to 3 feet .. also while i call it a he we do not know for sure, i have try to sell him om craiglist a few times only to have the people back out when it came time for them to pay ... he is not a reptile for beginners!!!!

do you like one or jut want to know more about it?

abidah - 916 289 4909

if i dont answer right away please keep in mind i am sick so i could be in the hospital or something and cant answer right back, if i am in the hospital it could take a day or two before i can answer back .. please forgive as i have no control over this
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