Red & Black Ants, Monarch Butterflys


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One of the nutritional charts mentioned Red Ants as a food source. I was wondering about their bite. In Western Canada we have both Red and Black ants. Are they both acceptable as a addtional food source once in a while? Also the Monarch Butterfly I beleive has a toxin in them and birds will not eat them if I have my information right, so would they also be harmful to my chameleon?
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You are right about the Monarch, unsafe.
As for the ants, I would worry about the bite too but more the
size. I know my guy has little interest in prey that is too small.
Not sure it would even be worth it to try.

If you are talking about large black or red ants, they could be carpenter ants. I am not sure if they are toxic.. I doubt it, birds eat them. They can bite, but rarely do. If you decide to feed them, first thing to do is figure out what species they are. It would suck to give your chameleon an ant that will bit the crap out of it, and some ant bites are really dangerous. I would also clear their guts for a couple days before attempting to feed them.. carpenters like pretty much anything edible.
Thanks Brad and Heika

I was just wondering when I saw the ants mentioned on the nutritional chart.
I myself find the Red Ants too aggresive and there pincers do hurt so why would I want to subject (Steve) My panther chameleon to them. As I have in previous posts is 16" long and mode is very friendly. To tell you the truth I'll bypass the ants but thought I should get others few on them.
I recently discovered that the praying mantis nymphs won't even eat them.
Little teeny ants that do something to repel them.
Everytime a mantis would attempt to grab one it would quickly retract, while
the ant didn't even seem to pay attention.

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