Recovered from MBD



I have a year old female veiled chameleon and she is just recovering from MBD. I took her to the vet and they confirmed that she had a broken leg. Her leg filled with pus for a month or two. 3 months later she has healed from her injuries. Her leg is very curved but she still climbs and do her daily activities just like normal. Im just wondering if this is stressful for the chameleon or if it causes pain for her?

thanks guys
Hmm well i havent personally experienced a chameleon with a broken leg. but im sure shes going to be just fine.

you said the break was about 3 months ago? so i assume shes just fine by now, did she get a cast?
nope. the doctor said she would heal fine if i just leave her the way she is. she perfectly healed but her leg is just really curved. she seems fine though. i jsut dont want her to be in any pain:)
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