Recommended Lighting?


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Hello, I have a 160 watt UVB/UVA Mega-ray mercury vapour lamp by Reptile UV and a 160 watt solar glo professional series lap by Exo Terra. I also have a Desert 50 UVB T8 Fluorescent Bulb with a Slimline Desert Fixture by Zilla. I've heard bad things about Zilla but I mainly got it for the fixture. I haven't used any of these yet since the cage is outside so I have time to get bulbs before I have to bring him back inside. He is a baby panther chameleon, about 1 month old. What do you guys suggest for lighting? Thanks!
I think the mega ray is a little intense for chameleons unless you have the "low" power variation. There also seems to be consistency issues with MV bulbs. Most people stick with florescent.
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